The Historical and Folk Art Museum of Corinthos is an institution for the public Benefit set up in 1976 for the purpose of discovering, protecting, maintaining and publishing folklore materials and of disseminating, in all possible ways, this knowledge and information to the wider public.

The museum, whose full title is the VASSOS PETROPOULOS-PANAYIOTIS GARTAGANIS-HISTORICAL AND FOLKLORE MUSEUM OF CORINTHOS, was created by Alkmini Vassou Petropoulou, nee Gartagani, and was housed in a building erected at the expense of the donor on a site made available by the Greek State.

The rich collections accumulated by the donor with great effort, vast affection and personal sacrifices include valuable works from every branch of Greek handicrafts. In this creations it is possible to trace origins in the historical past of the Greek nation, assimilated influences from East and West, local and chronologically-specific aesthetic concepts and testimony of the economic and social conditions of the last three centuries.

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